Ferrari Dino 246 GT

The Ferrari Dino 246 GT has been removed from the rental fleet. If you in 2017 are interested in doing a driving tour in another classic car – Ferrari or some other – please contact us by email info@colcorsa.com, and we will check what we can arrange.

Say hello to the Ferrari Dino 246 GT! Iconic Ferrari classic cars are not that easy to find for rent. That is why we are proud to offer people the opportunity to tour on the French Riviera with a Ferrari Dino 246 GT, a real icon. The Dino was the first Ferrari produced in high numbers. The first model, 206 GT, was in production from 1968 to 1969 and only 152 cars were built. The Dino was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti from Pininfarina, the man who during his career has designed other beautiful cars like the Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 308 GTB and Ferrari 288 GTO. The 206 GT was followed by Ferrari Dino 246 GT, and the targa top 246 GTS, produced from 1969 to 1974. This model is a much more common sight – 3,716 cars were built in total.

The engine is a 2.4L V6. The engine had a power output of 195 bhp at 7,500 rpm. With a kerb weight of 1,080 kg for the 246 GT model this gave the Ferrari Dino 246 GT a 0-80 km/h acceleration time of 5.5 seconds, that made it quicker than the Porsche 911S. It could also reach a top speed of more than 235 km/h. The same V6 engine found in the Dino was later used in other manufacturers car models as well. One of the models equipped with that V6 is the legendary rally car Lancia Stratos, that won the World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976.

The fixed roof Ferrari Dino 246 GT you can drive is finished in a “Rosso Corsa” red. It has a 5-speed all-synchromesh manual (stick shift) gearbox. This two-seater berlinetta is one of the most beautiful classic cars you can tour in, a car that will make people smile when you drive by. It is an rare opportunity to drive one as well, because despite the production numbers a Ferrari Dino 246 GT is not a car many owners want to rent for other people to drive. But luckily there are some people who think they have the keys to something so special, that they want others to be able to experience that magic too.

Official site: auto.ferrari.com/en_EN/sports-cars-models/past-models/dino-246-gt



Model year: 1969-1974
Seats: 2
Engine: 2.4L V6
Max power: 195 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Max torque: N/A
Acceleration 0-80 km/h: 5.5 seconds
Top speed: 235 km/h
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission: 5-speed manual (stick shift)
Boot space: N/A

Drive it here:

The car is no longer in the fleet