Mosler MT900 GTR

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The Mosler MT900 GTR is probably a car not many recognize by name. Mosler was an American supercar manufacturer that was founded in 1985. The company was in the beginning known under the name Consulier Industries, and their first car was named Consulier GTP. When Consulier changed name to Mosler the Consulier GTP was rebranded and became Mosler Intruder/Raptor.

In 2001 they started producing a model that they named Mosler MT900. It had a carbon-fiber chassis and used Siemens advanced design software. The mid-mounted GM LS1 engine produced 350 horsepower and an early prototype of the car, that was both heavier and had less power than the production version, achieved 0-100 km/h in about 3.5 seconds. In 2005 a more powerful model entered the market – the MT900S. 435 horsepower out of a Corvette Z06-derived LS-6 V8 engine, mounted to a 1136 kg car. A special model called “Photon” was also available, that with the modifications including more carbon fiber had a weight of about 900 kg. Then came the race prepared version of the MT 900, the MT900R, that has won several race championships.

The Mosler MT900 GTR you can experience is the street legal version of the Mosler MT900R race car. Only about 10-15 street legal versions were ever built. The 7.0-liter LS7 engine comes from the Corvette C6 Z06 and has been tuned to produce 600 horsepower. The weight is about 1000 kg, and this rear-wheel drive supercar goes from 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and the top speed is 340 km/h.

And it has a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Mosler MT900 GTR is a true race car for the streets. It is not a car for the faint-hearted, and should only be tried if you are an experienced driver. But this is an once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something truly unique.

By request we will also deliver the car to other locations in Europe, please contact us to find out delivery costs.


Model year: 2005
Seats: 2
Engine: 7.0L naturally aspirated V8
Max power: 600 bhp
Max torque: N/A
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.1 seconds
Top speed: 340 km/h
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Boot space: N/A

Drive it here:

From Germany (lava orange):
Munich & Austrian Alps - 6 days
Tyrol & Dolomites - 6 days

Min. age 30 years | Deposit by request