In Florence we have chosen for you what we think is the most beautiful hotel in the city – Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. This five star hotel has 75 rooms and 44 luxury suites, and is located in a lovely green part of Florence. The walk to Florence Cathedral takes only 15 minutes, but you can enjoy a peaceful location next to the botanical gardens of Giardino della Gherardesca during your stay.

Four and a half hectares of gardens surround the 15th-century Palazzo della Gherardesca and the ex 16th-century convent, Il Conventino, where the rooms and suites are located. The decor will leave you breathless, and some of the suites are like walking in to a Renaissance home. There is also a 2-floor spa with a seasonal pool, and three different restaurants from which one has a Michelin-star.

Another reason why we love the location is because it is an easy drive in and out of the hotel, without having to worry about passing through restricted traffic zones in the Historic Centre of Florence. There are beautiful driving roads already when you exit the city and arrive on the countryside. But the about 250 km round trip daily tours we have planned for you to enjoy during your Supercar Week will show you how diverse the landscapes can be in Tuscany. You will experience several places that are nice to visit on a Tuscan holiday, but we will make sure the roads that lead you to the places are also the most enjoyable driving roads.

How does it sound to wake up knowing there is a new car waiting for you in the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze parking, that you soon get the keys to, and can go out to explore the Tuscan countryside roads? Whatever your choice of car is, we make sure you get the driving experience of your life, and a week you will never forget.

Tour price calculator
Select a car for each day you want to have one delivered, or select a day at leisure, to get a quick quote for the total cost of Supercar Week with the models selected. If you want to proceed and receive a non-binding offer, please fill out the form and submit it to us. We will check availability for the cars and hotel on your requested dates, and answer you by email.

Displayed is a base price and prices can increase during high season and public holidays.

NOTE: If you wish to on Day 1 have the first car delivered to an airport, and do the first scenic drive from the airport to the hotel, this is possible. It is also possible to on Day 7 have a car delivered to the hotel, do a last scenic drive, and return the car to an airport or another city.

If you require more than one car per day, or/and wish to book additional rooms and arrive as a group, please mention this under “Additional Information”.

Included in Supercar Week price:
Up to 7 one-day car rentals with insurance, around 250 km per day
6 nights accommodation, including breakfast
Programmed GPS with daily routes, roadbook & map
Personal meet & tour + car briefing with a member of our team
Support by phone & email

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6 nights
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