“The world’s greatest driving roads in the best driver’s cars”

Welcome to Colcorsa.

Last summer an idea started to develop. A few months later the idea was no longer only an idea, it was now an actual plan, and it had a deadline. That deadline was set to January and today we are proud to say our website has finally launched.

One of the greatest pleasures in life has been to design routes, pick nice hotels, plan the best stops, and search for the restaurants the locals recommend. Using this knowledge and experience we wanted to create some enjoyable and luxurious driving tour packages for others to enjoy around Europe. These tours we want to make available in the best supercars, sports cars and classic cars. We want to offer many different high performance cars to everyone’s taste – and budget.

Although we want to create a luxury experience from start to finish, we also wanted to design some tours that appeal to the people who do not want to stop driving. We understand that there are people who actually only want to drive the car for as many hours as possible. We now believe we have a good mix of driving tours on the website. Some tours can be done more at leisure with time to enjoy the scenery and stops, while others are for the driving purists who can not get enough of the good roads.

From our previous experience in the driving tour and events industry we also understood not everyone want to do driving tours where you each night change the hotel. Some people would prefer to stay in one place for their holiday, some families would want the possibility to arrange different programs for the days. With that thought in mind we created something we call “Supercar Week“. Supercar Week means you can wake up in the same place every morning, and test a new car every day. The regions we have launched this in are the French Riviera and Tuscany to start with. The accommodation we provide is very luxurious, and the fleet of cars you can choose from is lovely. With a good mix of modern supercars and iconic classic cars you can customize your week in any way you want to. Once you are done choosing the cars you want to drive, let us take care of the rest and design a one day tour for each, so you get the most out of that drive.

Depart after breakfast, discover some amazing driving roads in the region, arrive back in time for dinner, and the next morning a new car is waiting for you outside.

Hopefully you enjoy browsing our website. We look forward to publishing all driving tour prices for this year in March, as well as adding some more cars to the list of available cars in the coming weeks. In the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!