About Us - Colcorsa
The company Colcorsa was founded in 2016. We want to show people the world’s greatest driving roads in the best driver’s cars.

The driving tour packages we offer on our website are designed with passion. A passion for finding the most enjoyable driving roads in Europe behind the wheel of exciting driver’s cars. But also with the passion to create an unforgettable journey in a car. We want you to not only remember a great driving experience, but also remember the hotels you stayed in, and the places you stopped at along the way. At Colcorsa we only feature driving regions we personally have explored, and now would like you to experience.

We have created different tour packages that will appeal to different type of drivers. Some of our driving tours are luxury driving holidays, where you can tour more at leisure in beautiful regions of Europe. Perhaps you would like to stop at vineyards, visit tourist attractions and dine in very good restaurants. A few of our tours are more designed for the person who wishes to spend the full day driving the greatest roads also in very remote mountain regions. Just you, the car, and the road. A pure supercar driving experience.

We also offer a driving holiday that we call the Supercar Week. Stay in a five star luxury hotel or villa for a week, with friends or family, and have a new supercar delivered to you every morning for a week – or as many days as you would like to drive. This is the perfect driving experience if you wish to test drive more than one supercar, and can not decide which one you want to do a tour in. Choose all the cars you dream of, and let us who know both the cars and the roads design each day’s drive so you have the right car for the right road.

What all tours have in common is that they include some of the most scenic and best driving roads we have driven in Europe, and luxurious hotels. The fleet of cars you can choose your ride from is carefully selected by us to only include the best cars, and we will continue to add new models in future.

Sara Näse - Colcorsa