Best driving roads in Europe

Here you can find a selection of our favourite driving routes in this beautiful part of the world. Our list of the TOP driving roads include scenic high mountain passes in the Alps, beautiful coastal drives by the Mediterranean, tranquil country roads in the Provencal countryside, and other scenic routes through the most beautiful touring regions in Europe. The majority of what we consider the best driving roads in Europe are available to experience on our exciting luxury driving tours available in several regions of Europe, from the beautiful South of France and the French Alps to Tuscany and the Dolomites in Italy, and of course the majestic high Alps, from Austria to Switzerland and beyond.

Some of the driving roads we have featured are not part of an existing itinerary, but we would be happy to design a bespoke driving holiday just for you, that gives you the chance to experience all of your dream roads within your tour itinerary. If you want us to design a bespoke driving tour please do not hesitate to send in a request for bespoke driving tour, and our team will attend to your request.

All of the driving roads featured on our website have been driven and approved by our team – the selection includes some of most thrilling tarmac you can experience in a high performance machine, but we will also feature roads that perhaps aren’t ideal for spirited driving, but that have something special about them such as magnificent landscapes, or a historic motorsport connection. On the individual tour pages you will find a description of the road, with a map, photos and perhaps even a video. You might also find our personal recommendations for the most exclusive hotels and the best restaurants in the area, to assist you in planning that perfect road trip adventure.

Picking the right time of the year to travel is important when planning your road trip in Europe. Most of the highest mountain passes in the Alps close in the winter, so for an Alps road trip the best time of the year to travel is from early/mid June to early October. There are also some alpine roads that stay open all year, or open earlier in the spring. Outside the summer season there are several scenic driving regions one can experience – explore the beautiful South of France, which is fabulous around the year, or perhaps discover the mild climate in the South of Spain. For the most up to date road information (openings and closures) we recommend the website Alpenportal. A green square means the road is open, a yellow square means the road is open but with some restrictions, and a red square means the road is closed for traffic.

The open road awaits…

Greatest driving roads in Europe
Our TOP 10 roads

  1. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria
  2. Stelvio Pass, Italy
  3. Gorges du Verdon, France
  4. Susten Pass, Switzerland
  5. Transfagarasan, Romania
  6. Nockalm Road, Austria
  7. Col de la Bonette, France
  8. Bernina Pass, Switzerland
  9. The Great Dolomites Road, Italy
  10. Route de Thorenc, France