Secure car storage for your supercar or classic - Côte d'Azur / Monaco + South East England

At Colcorsa we offer discreet and secure car storage for all types of motor vehicle. Our facilities are available from one month temporary storage, to permanent garaging for car collectors or overseas based clients. We offer high security car storage close to two major European airports, London Gatwick and Nice Cote d’Azur. We also offer concierge service for clients who wish their car to meet them on arrival, or for drop off/return to storage for departing flights. Our UK facility is also within easy reach of the Channel Tunnel.

Our storage package comes with the option of air chamber parking and trickle charge facilities, as well as regular inspections of your car, and starting/moving the car should you require it.

Our concierge team in France & Monaco can also deliver your car to locations close to the port facilities for owners who are visiting by boat, as well as a variety of other locations such as hotels or private villas.

There are also cleaning and detailing services available on request. For more information contact our team at [email protected] or fill out the form below.