Targa Florio is a piece of race history located on the island of Sicily in Italy, close to Palermo. The road condition is sadly not that good, because landslides have washed away parts of the road, but driven with caution it also has some very enjoyable stretches. Targa Florio used different routes in the races but the one we have featured here is the 72 km route called “Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie”. The official start and finish would be in Cerda, but in our video we used the next town Caltavuturo for start and finish.

The current state of the road sadly takes away from the driving joy, because going there in a low sports car is not recommended before they have repaired the road. If you want to do it anyway, drive very carefully, as you never know what is waiting for you behind the next corner. Not everything is bad though. There are some stretches that are in better condition, and some views that are so beautiful that it will make you think it was worth it to drive it. You are reminded of the Targa Florio race history in several places along the way, and we recommend you stop for lunch in the restaurant Baglio Himera, that is located directly on the route just after Campofelice di Roccella. There you can admire many historic Targa Florio race photos on the walls while enjoying local food.

Targa Florio is not the world’s greatest driving road in terms of road condition. But it is a piece of race history that we think is nice to experience. Not to forget is that Sicily has some other wonderful roads as well, and not all of them are in the same state as Targa Florio.

72 km
Targa Florio, Caltavuturo to Caltavuturo (72 km)