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Cancelled - 12th Monaco Historic Grand Prix of Monaco

Cancelled: Monaco GP | Postponed: 1000 Miglia

Due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak three iconic car races in Europe scheduled for May have been cancelled or postponed. The Monaco F1 Grand Prix and the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco have been cancelled, and the Mille Miglia classic car race through Italy has been postponed to late October.

Postponed or cancelled - 2020 Monaco F1 Grand Prix and 2020 1000 Miglia / Mille Miglia

The new dates for the Mille Miglia classic car race are now 22nd October to 25th October 2020.

According to the information we have there will be no new dates for the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, and the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, for the 2020 season. Instead the races are more likely to be scheduled for 2021 – or in the case of the Historic Grand Prix, possibly 2022.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Arguably the most prestigious Formula 1 race in calendar, Monaco’s world-famous Grand Prix, is an annual weekend race always scheduled for the end of May, held in the small principality of Monaco on the Côte d’Azur. The principality’s roads are transformed into a 3.337 km city race circuit – many motorsport fans know the track by heart – including the world’s most famous bend – the Fairmont hairpin – and the legendary swimming pool complex. The race has run since 1929 and is part of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’ together with 24 Hours of Le Mans and Indianapolis 500.

Historic Grand Prix of Monaco

Although not as famous as the modern Formula 1 race showcasing the latest race car technology and the world’s greatest current F1 drivers, the Historic Grand Prix – held every two years – is a special event for those who remember the golden era of F1 motorsport, when race cars were more brutal, the soundtracks simply mind-blowing, and legendary F1 race drivers made a name for themselves – if they live to tell the tale. This exciting event gives you a glimpse of what racing used to be – breathtaking and terrifying at the same time – and for any motorsport fan it is a true privilege to be able to see vintage Formula 1 cars being driven as they should be on the streets of Monte Carlo, with the soundtrack from raw naturally aspirated engines echoing between tall buildings and the luxury yachts moored in the port…

Cancelled - 12th Monaco Historic Grand Prix of Monaco

1000 Miglia – Mille Miglia

Known as ‘the most beautiful race in the world’, the Mille Miglia is a hardcore classic car race through Italy, stretching over a distance of 1000 miles across the Italian countryside from Brescia to Rome and back. This 4-day spectacle welcomes 400 exceptional vintage cars and their drivers from all over the world, with a special commission selecting the entries to this exciting race that always has more applications than it has available places. Locals and tourists gather together on the streets of Italy as convoys of some of the most beautiful automobiles ever made pass through idyllic villages in one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. So, save the dates for October, and fingers crossed the world will be in a better state by then.

Postponed - Mille Miglia 2020

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