Alpine Tour in a BMW M Roadster
Road tripper: Erwin & Stephanie - Car: BMW Z3M Roadster - Date: July 2017
The journey

Hi Petrolheads and Car Fanatics.
Here you can find our pictures of the Alpine Tour (Swiss Alps, Italian Alps & Austrian Alps), that Colcorsa (Sara and her team), perfectly organized for my wife (Stephanie) and me. After a few exchanges, we came to a general plan for the road trip, then Sara took it from there and made us a nice road book with day to day info and pictures of what to expect that day. With that, we had the pre-programmed GPS with day to day choices of all the roads (mountain passes), we wanted to drive, points of interest and, because we said, we like to hike, some points to start a nice hike on the itinerary we were driving that day.
So enjoy the pictures, every so often, we took a picture of a road sign, so you can understand where we were at that point in the collage of pictures.
We also added a few pictures of our hikes for the people that like to hike, in combination, with driving a nice car or super car :)! We ended our road trip in Austria driving up and down the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse. The last day, before turning back home, we did the most spectacular hike of all the hikes, with a local guide, on the glacier, next to the highest peak in Austria, The Grossglockner, and Kleinglockner, right next to it. What an ending to a road trip, we so much enjoyed, and relive when we look at the movies and pictures we made!
A big thank you to Colcorsa in general, and Sara in particular, for sharing her passion, expertise, professionalism and knowledge with us. Because of that we had the most fantastic Alpine Tour road trip ever!
Take care,
Stephanie & Erwin

Alpine Tour 2017 - BMW M Roadster

BMW M Roadster - Hotel Grimsel Hospiz

BMW M Roadster - Grimsel Pass - Colcorsa Alpine Tour

BMW M Roadster - Grimsel Pass - Grimsel Hospiz

Hotel Grimsel Hospiz - Swiss Alps

BMW M Roadster - Furka Pass

Furka Pass & Grimsel Pass - Switzerland

Alpine Tour - Mountain hike

BMW M Roadster - Glacier

Forte del Monte Scale

Mountain hiking

Alpine Alps Lake

Horse riding in the Alps

Stelvio Pass morning sunrise

BMW M Roadster Z3M - Stelvio Pass

BMW Z3M Roadster - Stelvio Pass Italy

Stelvio Pass Italy

Hiking above the clouds

Alps Hiking above the clouds

BMW M Roadster Z3M Alps

Erwin & Stephanie Alpine Tour

Alpine Tour road trip Alps

Alpine Tour - Alpine marmot

Grossglockner Austria Mountain Hiking

Grossglockner Austria Mountain Hike

Grossglockner Austria & Aareschlucht Switzerland

Grossglockner Austria