Best Driving Roads in Europe - World's Greatest Driving Roads
On this page we have featured what we consider some of the best driving roads in Europe. High mountain passes in the Alps, beautiful coastal roads, tight hairpin corners, long straights. This list of the world’s greatest driving roads is constantly growing and we will continue to add new roads. Many of the driving roads on this page are in the regions we arrange driving tours in – Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. We will also add driving roads in regions we do not necessarily arrange tours in, but that still are roads we want to recommend to all the driving enthusiasts out there.

Some of these roads can be driven on our Driving Tours or Supercar Week. Some of the driving roads here are currently not included in any of our existing routes, but by request we can design custom tours and include the roads in the route plan. If you find a road you want to drive on our list of the best driving roads, but you can not find it in any of the driving tours we offer on our website, please do not hesitate to request a custom driving tour.

All of the driving roads featured on this page have been tested by us, in most cases in a sports car or supercar. We prefer to only add roads that we think are in good enough condition for any type of car, but if there is some road that we do not think is suitable for low cars, we will mention it in the road description. You might also find our recommendations for hotels and restaurants in the area, as well as video footage from the roads.

The high alpine roads close for winter – usually the opening season is from May/June to October/November with some exceptions. If you want to check if the road you wish to drive is open you can check the website Alpenportal. Green means the road is open, yellow means it is open but with some restrictions, and red means it is closed.


Our list of the world’s greatest driving roads – The best driving roads in Europe