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Supercar driving experience

Supercar Experience – Swiss Alps

Supercar experience Swiss Alps - drive your dream car

Experience a full day behind the wheel of your dream supercar on our thrilling 1-day supercar experience in the Swiss Alps, where your adventure begins in either Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland, or by Lake Lucerne, just over half an hour's drive from Zürich. Over the course of one memorable day you'll get the chance to test drive a supercar in spectacular supercar territory - conquer the hairpins on some of the world's greatest mountain passes such as the world-famous Furka Pass, with its dramatic scenery as seen in the Bond movie Goldfinger, or perhaps choose to tour more at leisure on gentle winding passes through idyllic alpine landscapes.

From our fleet of sports cars and supercars you can choose the perfect machine for your supercar experience in the Swiss Alps - we have exciting new models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, and more.

We have a wonderful selection of itineraries with different roads that you can explore on our 1-day supercar experience in the Swiss Alps. If you'd like to drive some of the most iconic mountain passes in the world we recommend the Susten-Grimsel-Furka loop, which includes three famous 'bucket list' roads, all with very different landscapes. From the turquoise lakes of the Susten Pass the drive continues towards the rocky landscapes of the Grimsel Pass, followed by a drive on the Furka Pass rising up to 2,429m above sea level, where you can stroll inside a glistening blue 'ice grotto' carved out of the glacier. If you've already experiences these passes and are looking for something new we can send you southwards for a drive over the Gotthard Pass, Lukmanier Pass and Oberalp Pass - three spectacular driving roads.

Of course we also have routes suitable for the road trippers who perhaps aren't keen on too many twisty passes in a day, and would prefer more gentle routes through the valley, and beautiful stops along the way. On the Lucerne-Oberalp drive you'll follow the sunkissed shores of the Lake Lucerne towards the only high pass for the day, the Oberalp Pass with its smooth tarmac running through the mountains. Or perhaps take the picturesque route through an UNESCO natural reserve at the foot of the Alps, past Interlaken to the Piz Gloria restaurant at the summit of the Schilthorn, at 2970m above sea level only reachable by a cable car - another famous James Bond location. Of course if lunch at higher altitudes is not for you you can also drop in to one of the gastronomic restaurants en route for a gourmet lunch...

Your day begins with the delivery of the supercar to your hotel, and after a car briefing you're ready to embark on a road trip of a lifetime. On our supercar experience in the Swiss Alps everything is organised for you: all you have to do is to follow your pre programmed GPS, that guides you on the entire drive from start to finish, with everything from your recommended lunch stop to classic photo locations as part of your route. In your bespoke full colour roadbook you'll find more information about all roads and stops in your itinerary - a nice souvenir to keep as a memory from your road trip. With our tour package you can enjoy a stress free day behind the wheel of a fabulous supercar - with all planning taken care of your only task for the day is to have the most magical driving experience. Your drive will last between 4-6 hours in total, depending on the exact route chosen, plus stops.

The open road awaits...

Susten-Grimsel-FurkaKlausen-SustenLucerne-OberalpInterlaken-Piz GloriaLukmanier-Gotthard
Supercar Experience Swiss Alps - Susten Pass / Grimsel Pass / Furka PassExperience three exciting mountain passes on a full day adventure, giving you the chance to conquer challenging hairpins in majestic alpine landscapes. Your drive begins in either Zürich or Lucerne, and takes you to the Susten Pass, Grimsel Pass and Furka Pass. Over the course of the day you’ll be spending more than a third of your drive on fantastic mountain roads – perfect supercar territory – mixed in with sweeping country roads and stretches of motorway.

En route you’ll have the chance to visit the Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto on Furka, next to the iconic (and abandoned) Belvedere Hotel, stop for a coffee by the shores of Lake Lucerne in a picture perfect village with views across the shimmering water to the mountains beyond, and your lunch stop can either be in a traditional Swiss restaurant in a mountain chalet surrounded by high peaks, or a gastronomic gourmet eatery if you’d like to tantalise your tastebuds.

Tour start and finish: Zürich | Distance: 330 km | Driving time: 5-6 hours + stops
Tour start and finish: Lucerne | Distance: 270 km | Driving time: 4½-5½ hours + stops

Supercar experience SwitzerlandThis journey of discovery takes you through idyllic picture postcard landscapes. You will see some of the country’s most beautiful attractions, such as the Berglistüber wasserfall at the Klausen Pass, considered to be one of Switzerland’s most beautiful waterfalls, and the world-famous Kapellbrücke wooden chapel bridge in the old town of Lucerne – one of Switzerland’s most photographed destinations.

You’ll have a chance to test your supercar on two exciting high mountain passes, and also tour at leisure through the beautiful countryside running through the valley, and following the shores of beautiful lakes. Klausen Pass is many travellers dream of Switzerland – lush meadows, the sound of cowbells echoing in the mountains, and several places where you can stop to sample Swiss cheese… You can stop for a lunch in the mountains enjoying majestic views over a local meal, or find a table with a view at a lakefront terrace with the water lapping at your feet.

Tour start and finish: Zürich | Distance: 300 km | Driving time: 4½-5½ hours + stops

Supercar experience - AndermattDrivers who are looking for a more gentle drive, keeping the amount of hairpin bends to the minimum, will enjoy this route. You will follow the shores of the Lake Lucerne, stopping by in the historic town of Lucerne with its famous wooden bridge and old town, and explore the village Andermatt in the heart of the Swiss Alps, with its narrow streets lined with traditional chalets, and window boxes with brightly coloured flowers.

By Lake Lucerne you can enjoy an excursion by boat, or take the cable car or the world’s steepest cogwheel railway rising up to higher altitudes at Mount Pilatus. You will reach the Pilatus Kulm viewpoint – 2,132m above sea level – also home to several restaurants and a snackbar. On this route you will cross over one alpine road, the fabulous Oberalp Pass, rising up to 2,044m above sea level, and covering a distance of 32 kilometres – perfect for a thrilling blast in the mountains, to give you a chance to sample the performance of your supercar.

Tour start and finish: Zürich | Distance: 330 km | Driving time: 4-5 hours + stops

Supercar experience - Interlaken / Piz GloriaThis exciting driving adventure takes you through the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, and on to the road following the shores of the emerald-coloured Lake Thun taking you to Interlaken, a fabled resort town built on a narrow stretch of valley. With a 32-minute aerial cable way you’ll rise up to summit of the Schilthorn at 2,970m above sea level, with its Piz Gloria restaurant and viewpoint offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss skyline – Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau – as seen in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

You can choose to enjoy your lunch above the clouds overlooking the high peaks in the Bernese Alps – also an UNESCO World Heritage Site – or stroll on the streets of Interlaken with its old timber houses and charming restaurants. For the drivers who start and finish their tour in Lucerne the itinerary also includes a drive over the beautiful Susten Pass, with its smooth tarmac, picturesque hairpin bends, and dramatic mountain scenery.

Tour start and finish: Zürich | Distance: 330 km | Driving time: 4½-6 hours + stops
Tour start and finish: Lucerne | Distance: 300 km | Driving time: 4½-6 hours + stops

Supercar experience - Gotthard PassA route very similar to the Susten-Grimel-Furka itinerary – designed for pure driving pleasure and with as much mountain driving as possible – only with different roads. On this drive you will experience three exciting mountain passes – the beautiful Oberalp Pass, rising from the village of Andermatt, followed by the Lukmanier Pass surrounded by unspoilt nature and clear blue lakes, and last but not least the twisty Gotthard Pass, also home to the ancient cobble stoned Tremola Pass.

You’ll discover fantastic drives behind the wheel of your fast supercar, and you’ll have the opportunity to stop in many classic photo locations en route to capture that perfect road trip shot. The most perfect combination of scenery – the beauty and calm of the shimmering Lake Lucerne, followed by the dramatic scenery as you climb high in to the majestic Swiss Alps. Lunch can either be in a traditional Swiss eatery, or if you’d prefer fine dining there are also gastronomic restaurants en route.

Tour start and finish: Lucerne | Distance: 300 km | Driving time: 4½-5½ hours + stops

Included in the tour price
The price is for two people sharing a car
  • 1 day car rental with insurance (270-330 free kms included)
  • Preprogrammed GPS with a 1-day route, bespoke roadbook & map
  • Bespoke concierge service and trip planning (restaurant reservations, excursions etc)
  • Tour & car briefing with a member of our team
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