The Italian Lakes & the Alps driving tour is a supercar driving holiday that has it all – beautiful lakes, thrilling mountain roads, and luxurious SPA hotels. You will drive from Lake Garda to Dolomites, from Stelvio Pass to Lake Como, and if you want you can even have a track driving experience on Monza. What more could a grand tour in Italy need?

Your dream car, of course. Is it the exciting Lamborghini Huracán Spyder? Or perhaps the Ferrari 488 Spider? Or would you rather conquer Italian roads enjoying some German or British engineering?

En route to Lake Garda you will also drive by Lake Iseo, another beautiful but smaller lake in Italy. This drive also includes a stop in Museo Mille Miglia in Brescia, where you can admire several historical cars once used in the race. On the second day of touring you will drive from Lake Garda to Dolomites. Dolomites is where many of our favourite mountain passes are located, and you will enjoy a few of them before arrival to five star Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf in Cortina d’Ampezzo, located in the heart of Dolomites.

After a night in Dolomites we want you to experience what many have called “the world’s best driving road”. Yes, it is Stelvio Pass we are talking about of course. We feel a grand tour in the Italian Alps would be incomplete if we did not include it, so you will drive through Italian vineyard regions and finally over Stelvio Pass before reaching Bormio. The last drive goes from Bormio briefly over to Switzerland for some scenic alpine roads, and you will conclude your journey on the shores of Lake Como in the fabulous Villa d’Este.

Three famous Italian lakes, many enjoyable driving roads. Are you ready to see the best of Northern Italy on our Italian Lakes & the Alps driving tour?

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Italian Lakes & the Alps Driving Tour - Day 1Arrive in Milan, check-in from 15:00, spend an evening at leisure exploring the city

Hotel: 5* Mandarin Oriental, Milan – 38 m² superior double room

Italian Lakes & the Alps Luxury Driving Tour- Day 2Your car will be delivered to the hotel in the morning and we will do a short tour and car briefing before you start the first drive. This will take you from Milan to Lake Iseo, where you will drive the beautiful lakeside road around Iseo before continuing the journey to Lake Garda. There is a stop in Brescia, where you can visit Museo Mille Miglia and have a look at some historical vintage cars used in the race. The drive ends in the beautiful Hotel Lido Palace in Riva del Garda, after a drive with beautiful views over the lake.

If you wish to see Lake Garda from a higher location there is an optional 10 km round trip drive up to a nice place with a stunning view, where you can have a coffee or just take some photos. The drive up is on a narrow – but gorgeous – road. This drive is only recommended if you feel comfortable reversing the car into a wide enough space for two cars to pass, as you can run into these situations on this road. If not, you just skip this part and continue straight to the hotel on the main road.

Hotel: 5* Lido Palace, Riva del Garda – 35 m² comfort lake view room
Driving time: 4½ hours + stops

Italian Lakes & the Alps Luxury Driving Tour - Day 3Today your drive continues in to a beautiful mountain region of Italy – the Dolomites. We have driven so many good roads here that it was a challenge to decide which ones we want to include on this drive, but we believe we have a nice drive planned for you. Dolomites is gorgeous no matter what time of the year you go, and the landscapes are very variable. The lower mountain roads are surrounded by green fields and the higher you go, the more harsh mountain backdrops you will find.

Hotel: 5* Cristallo Spa & Golf, Cortina d’Ampezzo – 31 m² superior room
Driving time: 5 hours + stops

Italian Lakes & the Alps Luxury Driving Tour - Day 4Today we will send you towards Stelvio Pass. The drive from Cortina d’Ampezzo all the way to Bormio is a lovely one, passing though some vineyard regions in Northern Italy. When departing from Cortina d’Ampezzo you will firste drive over a few more great driving roads out from the Dolomites. The climb up on Stelvio Pass will be done from the northern side, the one with the most challenging hairpins. Once you have reached the top at 2,757 m you can admire a stunning view down over all the hairpin bends you just enjoyed. In Bormio you will stay in the spectacular Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi. Make sure to check their famous Bagni Nuovi Thermal Spa before you leave!

Hotel: 5* Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi, Bormio – 30 m² junior suite
Driving time: 5 hours + stops

Italian Lakes & the Alps Luxury Driving Tour - Day 5The final drive goes from Bormio briefly over to Switzerland, from where you will be driving over a few scenic mountain passes back to Italy. The journey will then continue towards Lake Como. You might have seen Richard Hammong driving the Alfa Romeo 4C on the road that follows the shores of the lake. This is the route you will follow south to Villa d’Este, a historic luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Como.

Hotel: 5* Villa d’Este, Cernobbio – 32 m² classic double room
Driving time: 4-4½ hours + stops

Italian Lakes & the Alps Luxury Driving Tour - Day 6
Check out by 12:00, or if you wish you can extend your stay by Lake Como. We can arrange a private transfer for you to Milan city, or the nearest airport (between 40 minutes and 1 hour by car to Malpensa, Bergamo or Linate).
If you wish to drive on Monza Race Circuit (reserve at least 2-3 hours for the track driving experience, plus transfers) we can book this experience for you on Day 1 or Day 6. There are several cars to choose from – latest models from Ferrari and Lamborghini, or maybe you want to try to set a lap record in a Formula race car. Private car transfer can be arranged from your hotel in Milan/Cernobbio to Autodromo Monza (30 minutes to 1 hour by car), and back.

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