Our Munich & Austrian Alps driving tour is a tour with focus on some of our personal favourite roads in Austria. On this tour you get the chance to experience three amazing alpine roads we highly recommend to all driving enthusiasts – Hahntennjoch, Grossglockner High Alpine Road and Nockalm Road. Each of them have very different landscapes once you reach the top, but they all have one thing in common. They are fabulous driving roads with many curves to enjoy.

You will drive roads that follow the shores of lakes, roads with an elevation of more than 2,500 metres, and roads that attract sports car drivers year after year. With four days of touring you will spend many hours enjoying the car you are in, and get an opportunity to test it on different kind of roads. Some parts have a climb with several tight hairpin corners, that will your driving skills on real test. Some parts of the roads are more open, with smooth curves that will make the car feel like it is dancing on the road. Then you have the German Autobahn, and if the driving conditions are right, you might even get an opportunity to test the top speed.

Combined with our choice of accommodation, all top rated five star hotels, the Munich & Austrian Alps driving tour is a real luxury supercar experience.

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Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 1
Arrive in Munich, check-in from 15:00, and spend an evening at leisure exploring the city

Hotel: 5* The Charles Hotel, Munich – 40 m² classic room with breakfast

Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 2Your car will be delivered to the hotel in the morning and we will do a short tour and car briefing before you start the first drive. This will take you south from Munich to Austria. The drive starts with a stretch on the German Autobahn. When you have crossed the border to Austria you will drive up on one of the most enjoyable driving roads in this part of Austria – Hahntennjoch. The first drive ends a little before Innsbruck in a town called Telfs. You will check-in to Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, but not in the way you are used to. Because here, and it is one of the few hotels in the world – if not the only one – to offer this opportunity, you drive the car all the way in to the lobby. Do you want to listen to a V8, V10, V12 or maybe a flat-six engine when you stop in front of the reception desk, still comfortably seated in your car? Make your choice!

Hotel: 5* Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, Telfs – 45 m² premium room with breakfast
Distance: 225 km / 3½ hours without stops

Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 3
The second day after breakfast you will start your drive down to Grand Hotel Lienz, your home for the next two nights. This drive takes you back for a short stretch in Germany on a lovely road that follows a lake, and down along the shores of Lake Achensee in Austria.

Grossglockner is not in your program yet, instead you will drive the Felbertauern Road south to Lienz. This is the alternative route in the winter when Grossglockner is closed. It has a 5.2 km tunnel but also some beautiful views over Hohe Tauern National Park.

Hotel: 5* Grand Hotel Lienz, Lienz – 38 m² superior river view suite with breakfast
Distance: 250 km / 4 hours without stops

Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 4Today we want to experience one of our favourite roads in Austria – Nockalm Road. This is a round trip drive that takes you back to Grand Hotel Lienz in the afternoon. You can choose from which direction you want to drive up the road – in our video you can see the climb from the south toll booth – but whatever you choose you hopefully will agree with us that this is a lovely driving road. It is approx. 30 kilometres long and has 52 bends. The elevation is 2,042 m at the top and we recommend you stop for some coffee or lunch in one of the places on top of the pass.

Hotel: 5* Grand Hotel Lienz, Lienz – 38 m² superior river view suite with breakfast
Distance: 240 km / 4 hours without stops

Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 3
Perhaps we saved the best for the last day, perhaps you will disagree and think some of the earlier roads were even more fun. However, Grossglockner High Alpine Road is one of those roads in Austria that you want to drive at least once. The landscapes are breathtaking, in our opinion this is one of the most beautiful road in the Alps. 48 kilometres of road with 36 bends, and a lot of lovely straight, takes you up to 2,504 metres above sea level. The mountain Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria at 3,798m and its glacier, the Pasterze, you can admire when you drive up to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. This is a great road to experience in a supercar or sports car. The final drive takes you back to Munich, with a last stretch on the Autobahn.

Hotel: 5* The Charles Hotel, Munich – 40 m² classic room with breakfast
Distance: 290 km / 4½ hours without stops

Munich & Austrian Alps - Day 6
Check-out by 12:00, or if you wish you can extend your stay in Munich

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4 days car rental with insurance (1000 km included)
5 nights accommodation for two, including breakfast
Programmed GPS with daily routes, roadbook & map
Personal meet & tour + car briefing with a member of our team
Support by phone & email

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