Our Swiss Alps & Stelvio five day driving tour is your chance to explore the magical beauty of the Alps. It is no surprise that some of the most breathtaking alpine landscapes can be found in Switzerland and Italy, which made us design a driving tour that shows you the best of both.

After one night in Zürich you will the next morning start your drive towards your next hotel stop, Grimsel Hospiz, a hotel with an incredible location directly on Grimsel Pass. You will drive over two other scenic mountain passes to reach it, and if you are up for our optional extra drive, we recommend you drive up the car to the top of Nufenen Pass in the evening to watch a sunset – or the moon. Passes are surely beautiful in daylight too, but there is something very special about them if you can have them a moment for yourself. The next day the journey continues over the famous James Bond “Goldfinger” road, Furka Pass, and over a few more scenic mountain roads en route to luxurious St. Moritz.

Your third drive goes from St. Moritz towards Stelvio Pass, a very well known road from Top Gear. In one episode it was announced “the world’s best driving road” and it has some tough competition, but Stelvio Pass is definitely one of our favourite roads in the whole Europe. Once you have experienced the challenging hairpins of Stelvio you will drive a scenic route back to Switzerland for a second night in St. Moritz.

We hope you are not tired of mountain roads yet, because before returning to Zûrich we have one more for you to drive. The road to Davos goes over Flüela Pass. And when you have conquered that, you can say that you have driven some of the best driving roads in the Swiss Alps – and one, perhaps the most important, in Italy!

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Swiss Alps & Stelvio Driving Tour - Day 1
Arrive in Zürich, check-in from 14:00, and spend an evening at leisure exploring the city

Hotel: 5* Baur Au Lac, Zürich – 30 m² deluxe double room with breakfast

Swiss Alps & Stelvio Driving Tour - Day 2Your car will be delivered to the hotel in the morning and we will do a short tour briefing before you start the first drive. This tour goes from Zürich south to the Alps, over Susten Pass and up on Grimsel Pass to 4* Hotel Grimsel Hospiz with an unique location right up in the mountains.

If you are not yet tired of driving, and maybe want to test the car again after a short break at the hotel, we have an optional evening loop for you as well that you can do for a small extra charge. This drive takes you up on Nufenen Pass, a road you will not drive the next day, so now is your chance to test a part of it. From our personal experience the sunset is more beautiful when seen from the top of Nufenen Pass, and there is something magical about a moonlight over Lake Grimsel after the sun is down.

Hotel: 4* Hotel Grimsel Hospiz, Grimsel Pass – 21 m² double room with breakfast
Distance: 230 km / 4-4½ hours without stops (plus an optional extra 70 km afternoon/evening drive)

Swiss Alps & Stelvio Driving Tour - Day 3Today you will be driving a famous road seen in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”. The road is Furka Pass and Bond drove up with an Aston Martin. You choose the car you want to experience it in, but one thing is guaranteed – you will enjoy it no matter what car you are in.

Continue towards St. Moritz over a few more alpine passes, and when you arrive you will check-in in to the luxurious Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains.

Hotel: 5* Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains – 30-34 m² superior room with breakfast
Distance: 220 km / 4-4½ hours without stops

Swiss Alps & Stelvio Driving Tour - Day 4Today you will be doing a round trip tour to Italy. Drive Stelvio Pass, the gorgeous mountain pass in Italy that many thinks is the world’s greatest driving road. After 48 hairpins you have reached the pass top at 2.757 m, where you can stop for a coffee and take some photos. You will also drive in to Livigno where you can do some duty-free shopping – and fill the tank with cheap fuel. Today’s drive includes some more scenic roads as well, and in the afternoon you will return back to St. Moritz for a second evening.

Hotel: 5* Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains – 30-34 m² superior room with breakfast
Distance: 230 km / 3 hours without stops

Swiss Alps & Stelvio Driving Tour - Day 5
The last drive from St. Moritz back to Zürich takes you over the scenic Flüela Pass. Your driving time today is only about 3 hours without stops, so you can choose to leave St. Moritz early after breakfast, and arrive in Zürich already early afternoon. Or if you would rather spend some leisure time exploring St. Moritz after breakfast, you can also do a late check-out and start the drive back later. Upon arrival in Zürich and after returning the car we can book one more night for you in Zürich, or you can make your own travel arrangements from here on.

Hotel: Optional extra night in Zürich
Distance: 215 km / 3 hours without stops

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